The Importance of Dream Analysis

The Importance of Dream Analysis

Sigmund Freud believed that dreaming was the “royal road to the unconscious,” and he developed dream analysis as a way of unlocking the unconscious mind. We may not truly understand what dreams are or why we dream but analyzing your dreams can be invaluable when it comes to discovering more about yourself. It’s a controversial idea, as many scientists don’t believe dreams have meaning.  But many believe that by accessing your unconscious and giving meaning to your dreams, you can discover things you never knew about yourself, unravel your deepest desires and heal whatever troubles you most.

You don’t need a dream dictionary to do this. While you may be able to read up on specific dream symbols and their meanings, it’s more important to reflect on your dreams and what they mean to you. Research has shown that dream analysis can be an essential part of mental health therapy, but you need to be careful.

If you dream, you’re going to fail an exam, don’t assume this means you’re going to fail in reality. Yes, you may be stressed about your exam, but your dream may just be highlighting this stress to encourage you to calm down and consider how this can reduce stress.



The meaning of dreaming of abandonment indicates that the time has come to leave behind the past, the feelings and the characteristics that impede personal growth, which allows us to think that old attitudes should be changed. This dream conveys a sense of fear of being abandoned or betrayed by that person who is so appreciated.

This dream may be the result of a recent loss or fear of losing a loved one. The fear can also be due to some sentimental disappointment or problems that have been dragging on since childhood.


It means that essential stages come in your life in which you are going to make a decision. This interpretation can be supported in any economic, sentimental field, a new job, changing city, opening your own business among other scenarios. When you dream of giving birth to a baby, and you are not looking to have a baby in reality, it means a creative work and professional stage. If you are planning to have a child, it means that you organized everything to welcome a new member of the family, and you also want to strengthen your home.


To dream that someone is chasing you means that you have difficulties in living the most superficial issues in your life with ease. Everything for you has been challenging to handle, even if it has been part of your routine for a long time. Sometimes things that seem so difficult to control are common problems, and maybe you’re not trying hard enough to bring these issues into play.

How about rethinking some of your decisions, analyzing the way you deal with problems, and trying to let your life lighten, with fewer complaints?


Cheat dreams have little to do with infidelity in your current relationship, but rather symbolize guilt, insecurity, or fear in your waking life. In real life, these feelings of doubt are linked to people and situations that have nothing to do with your partner or your relationship. Feelings of insecurity or guilt towards a friend, a boss, or a family member can manifest as cheating on your partner in a dream.


Failure symbolizes the danger of doing things the wrong way. Dreaming of failing means that we have a personality that is terrified of frustration. If in the dream, the person sees herself fall, this means that her pessimism will lead her to failure.


To dream that you are flying is the symbol of freedom, this dream offers good omens. They are familiar to many people, generally symbolizing our inspiration and desire to transcend the common.

Instinctively you know the goals in your life, and you know how to achieve them. Be it love, a place in life, fame or fortune; you will fly over earthly obstacles and find happiness. Repetitive flight dreams indicate great fortune.

All traditions explain this type of dream in the same way. If you fly in the human form, you will find happiness and success naturally. If it is a bird in your dream, you will be fortunate in life.


Dreaming of hiding is negative, but it reveals a series of situations that you are about to experience. When you hide, you try to escape from a reality that haunts you everywhere. Generally, this reality is associated with personal, economic, family and relationship problems.


When jealousy appears during a dream, it can usually be a sense carried over from waking life. Take a flash to research the emotions and therefore, the specific jealously you directed at that person or thing. Recognize and work on where the jealousy has come from. Does it stem from insecurity you’ll not have named? It’s tough to use jealousy beneficially, but by recognizing the basis cause, you’ll be more prepared for when it rears its ugly head again.

A kiss can mean many things during a dream. It’s going to symbolize affection and harmony or even simply wish fulfilment. If you discover yourself kissing an ex-partner, you’ll realize you’ve got been looking back on the positives of the past; give yourself space to reflect on this and work towards thinking presently and planning for the longer term. Your dream could also be telling you to inject some romance into your life, either with a partner or from a self-care point of view.


What does the word ‘love’ make you feel? Intense emotions are often carried over from waking life. Are you getting enough love in life, or are you not getting enough? Dreams of affection are often an indicator that you can love again after a heartbreak. If you dream of lost love, you’ll be retaining romantic memories of the past.


When unpacking a dream about money, it’s essential to think about two things: what’s your relationship with money in crash when the meeting is an announcement of nearby difficulties that are difficult to solve. Dreaming of listening to the waves of the sea but not seeing it, implies that time has been wasted on trivialities.


To dream that we have a phobia of something or someone, when not in conscious life, suggests that the time has come to face our fears to continue with our lives quietly.

Seeing other people suffering from a phobia in our dreams, even if the cause is unknown, may indicate that someone very close to us is in trouble and it is essential to help them.

To dream that we have a phobia of heights is a bad omen because due to some mistakes we have made, our work situation could be affected. If in our dream we have a phobia of insects or some strange animal, it can represent an invitation from the subconscious to fill the voids that we have in our lives. Dreaming of a phobia of the dark can reflect a real situation in our lives since we may be afraid of loneliness, and this affects us mainly at night.

On the other hand, dreaming of some strange phobia could be synonymous with hypocrisy; some friends surround us that are not entirely sincere with us.


Dreaming of regrets means that your pride and vanity prevent you on many occasions from admitting his mistakes and asking for an apology. Be more careful with what you do or say so as not to hurt other people’s feelings.


Dreaming of strange people is one of the most difficult to interpret, but it is linked to certain doubts. An example of this is finding a path that we do not know, and we do not know whether to follow it or not, because we do not know where it ends. This point is related to the fact that we do not know where we are going in life.

Some of the most common interpretations are associated with seeing a lot of strange people, which means that a good friend will help you.


Being worried about someone or something in a dream means the arrival of a situation that will increase your emotions of apprehension, anxiety or sadness about something. Dreaming of being worried symbolizes an aspect of your life in decline, the loss of something or distrust of someone. If you dream of being worried at a party with many friends, you will receive a negative evaluation of your work by an executive of your company. Dreaming of being worried while walking down the street portends pressure for mistakes made with your family due to a current event.

Commonly, this dream summarizes very annoying feelings but that can be improved or removed from your soul. The issue is not to make unnecessary judgments or feel some nostalgia for a known person, but to take care of his person and his family mainly.

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