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Oasis Combination White Noise Machine and Night Light - for Babies, Kids, Adults

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Product features:

Stylish and beautifully designed to enhance any bedroom décor.

Auto activates and settles your baby back to sleep with baby cry activation. The baby cry auto-activation function only operates when a baby cries and won’t be activated by other background noises.

Gently soothes baby to sleep with fade in and out so sounds do not to startle your baby.

Sleep sound machine for all of the family with 14 digitally recorded sounds. Mother shusher, white noise, lullaby's and multiple rain, thunder, wind and ocean soothing nature sounds.

10 stage volume setting;

3 stage timer or continuous play;

Illuminated soft touch LED pad;

9 RGB colour ranges with 5 stage brightness control;

Stream your favourite music with connectivity to any Bluetooth device;

RCM and FCC electronically certified with for AU and US markets.

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