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Why Babe 'n Home?

Illuminated Touch Pad

provides a soft yellow glow allowing ease of operation at night without disturbing your sleep.

Sound Activation

specifically designed for babeNhome auto sound activation that only operates when a baby cries and cannot be activated by other sounds such as talking or music.


allows you to set the device for intervals of 30, 60, 90 minute or continuous play of you favourite sleep sounds.

Candle Flicker

effect specifically designed for babeNhome which simulates a candle flame waving in the breeze which will further induce that calm and dreamy environment for that peaceful natural sleep.

High Quality

audio delivers soothing sounds taken from natural environments that induce a feeling of security and sleep (rain, ocean wave, wind, storm) and other sounds (white /pink and brown noise, mother shush and two lullaby’s) with a 10 stage volume setting to get it just right.

Multi Spectrum

night light that brightens the room without awakening your partner or the baby sufficient to allow you to tend to feeding time or just reading prior to sleep. 10 stage brightness setting with variable colour ranges (bright white, soft yellow, orange, red, blue and mauve).


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