Introducing babenhome Oasis

Bring a touch of nature into your room. With white noise and natural sounds, babenhome Oasis turns any bedroom into a haven for sleep and beautifies any room in your home.

Easy To Use

with soft glow illuminated touch pad


masks disturbance noise in multiple environments


soothing sounds to induce harmony and great sleep

Fully Optimised

with auto activation that only activates when the baby cries and a 3 stage auto timer


any bedroom or office décor

Multi Spectrum

night light and calming candle flicker effect

Why choose Oasis

Product Options

More functions than any other on the market

Illuminated Touch Pad

the illuminated electronic touch pad provides a soft yellow glow allowing ease of operation at night without disturbing your sleep. 

Sound Activation

at babenhome we are the first to offer you auto sound activation that only operates when a baby cries and cannot be activated by other sounds such as talking or music.


the timer allows you to set the device for intervals of 30, 60, 90 minutes or deselecting this option allows for continuous play of your favorite sleep sounds.

Candle Flicker

at babenhome we are the first to offer you a candle flicker effect which simulates a candle flame waving in the breeze which will further induce that calm and dreamy environment for that peaceful natural sleep.

High Quality

audio delivers soothing sounds taken from natural environments that induce a feeling of security and sleep (rain, ocean, wind, storm) and other sounds (white, grey, pink and brown noise, mother shush and three piano lullaby’s) with a 10 stage volume setting to get it just right.

Multi Spectrum

night light that brightens the room without awakening your partner or the baby sufficient to allow you to tend to feeding time or just reading prior to sleep. 5 stage brightness setting with variable color ranges (bright white, red, orange, soft yellow, green, light blue, deep blue and pink).


enabled with exceptional quality audio allows you to stream your favorite music to create that perfect environment for relaxing in the bath or creating the right mood for study, exercise, reading or simply setting the right atmosphere for any room in the home.

Australian designed

our business and brand is all about the customer experience.  We at babenhome have taken our time with research to develop an innovative product based on customer’s needs and desires with meticulous attention to detail. Our aim is to create the perfect range of products by listening to you our customer.  


and beautifully designed with the very best quality in mind.  Stylize any room in your home.  Why settle for a square or round plastic box when you can add flair with this beautiful decorative product which is packed with all the features and more than any other product on the market.  No one else gives you more than babenhome as you deserve it.

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Great Sleep Awaits

With décor in mind, Oasis is designed to enhance any room in the home.  Why settle for a round or square cheap looking plastic box?


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